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Audeline, 21, French

French au pair Ireland
French au pair Ireland

Hi there!

I’m Audeline! Offer French vibes to your kids!

 Hello, how’s your summer?  Below a recap about Audeline :


  • Her verified full application will be provided ( video, childcare and character references, administrative stuff like medical and criminal check, reliability).
  • We do genuinely meet, talk and guide our applicants so as to prepare them about the au pair experience.
  • High school graduated in eduction sciences.
  • Career plan : primary school teacher
  • Current occupation : gap year, willing to be an au pair in Ireland. She is ok to take care up to 3 kids
  • She is registered in our agency and will be followed up by our local Irish agency partner. 
  • Services : The host Family will benefit from a verified and trusworthy applicant, a placement follow up by an Irish based agency, and assistance if needed during the whole placement. For newbie Families, an au pair program guidance.
  • Expectations : She is looking for a Family interested in a cultural exchange ( not only a working relationship). A family who understands that she is willing to improve her English and discovers Ireland, make some friends, whilst helping the best she can on the schedule;). 




How could you not 😉 Please join our Irish agency partner who will provide all details. This agency will offers services for both, the au pair but also the hosting Family :

www.kidowe.com | Kidowe Team

Phone: +34 633 22 28 60  |  +353 873 539 660


Basic English, daily working on it to improve

French mother tongue

✓ Basic Spanish


✓ She drives since 3 years ( she never drived abroad but she is willing)

Relevant childcare background

✓ She’s able to keep the kids away from screen

✓ She i’s a musican, member of an orchestra

Excerpt of her letter : " My relationship with children is simple: I adore them. I want to become a teacher so obviously I like children. I like being with them, playing with them, meeting their needs. My studies in education allowed me to better understand, understand the functioning, the needs of a child. And obviously, I have in mind a lot of activities to offer them (related to the seasons, the periods) ... So, I have already done babysitting and as part of my studies, each year I do internships in school where I am with the children for several weeks. I also have family with young children, naturally, I take care of them. I can bring a lot to the children, and they also bring me a lot. Also, taking care of babies does not scare me. The choice of country is a deliberate choice. Of course, Ireland is

MORE pictures, videos and application will be provided

About her

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